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Getting Started

Experimental Technology Ahead!

Purplet v2 is beta software. Proceed at your own risk, and please report any issues you find on GitHub.

These docs assume you have basic JavaScript/TypeScript, and general Discord API knowledge. If you lack that, you can follow the nonexistant Tutorial For Absolute Beginners.

While you can install purplet directly, we recommend using a project template project provided via our create-purplet cli. It is also recommended to use Pnpm or Yarn as your package manager as they run faster than npm.

  • npm
  • yarn
  • pnpm
pnpm create purplet

The default project is a simple bot with a "Hello world" command and an activity set, as well as sensible defaults for TypeScript, linting with ESLint, and formatting with Prettier.

To develop your bot, you first need a Discord Bot Token, obtained from the Discord Developer Portal, placed into a .env file:


Use separate bot accounts for development and production. Using the same token is an insecure practice, and Application Commands will desync when developing.

You start Purplet's development mode with pnpm dev

Package Scripts

The default template includes the following scripts, most of which are direct wrappers of the purplet CLI:

  • pnpm dev: Starts a bot in development mode. Allows live-reloading. Deploys application commands only to individual servers for faster development.
  • pnpm build: Compiles a Gateway client, for handling events as well as interactions.
  • pnpm build-http: Builds an HTTP endpoint for handling interactions, allowing you to deploy interaction handlers as cloud functions. Not Implemented.
  • pnpm deploy: Deploys all application commands globally, only usable after build or build-http has been run.
  • pnpm undeploy: Deletes all global application commands, undoing the effects of deploy. This can be used if you accidentally deploy global commands on a development token.

File Structure

  • .env: Git-ignored file with environment variables, including bot and database tokens.
  • purplet.config.ts: Contains project configuration.
  • .purplet/: Contains generated files by Purplet
  • src/features/: Every .js/.ts file in this folder will be automatically scanned and loaded for Features.
  • src/lib/: Contains reusable code for your bot, importable by $lib. Not loaded automatically like the features folder is.